Independence Day MessageWatch now (3 min) | Highlights from our 25th Representative District
As I continue door knocking throughout the 25th House of Representatives District, one key issue that I’m hearing is related to concerns about election…
Our current Constitution was completed on June 4th, 1897.
"Explanation of Benefit" would not be sent to the insurance holder. The new Bill was introduced on Thursday, April 28th, and a hearing was conducted…
The last assessment was conducted in 1983. The new assessed values will be effective for the 2023 tax year.
West Park Place Elementary School is a standout school in our very own 25th District, achieving “Exemplary High Performing” status.
As I listen to your voices and work to understand how best to serve our community, I find that voters simply are not aware and therefore, unable to make…
Looking forward to meeting you and working together for our future!
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